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Self oil massage is perhaps one of the most nourishing ways we can honor our bodies and minds. Because we're all part of the hustle, the ether and air elements within our bodies are elevated and craving to be soothed. By calming these elements within us, the practice of self oil massage hydrates the skin, lubricates the joints, improves digestion and relaxes the nervous system.


Moon Bath's Every Body is a blend of grounding and nourishing oils that leaves you feeling calm, connected, and restored. It combines high antioxidant healing oils, vitamins, and omega fatty acids with the light, refreshing gender-neutral scent of sandalwood and cypress to deeply moisturize and replenish your skin. 


The good feels don't stop with the oil. The bottle is made from 100% curbside recycled plastic that is sourced and produced in the USA.

MOON BATH | Every Body Oil

SKU: SC00012
  • 12 oz.


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