Need help taking your present over the top?

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Start with a theme! (Spa, Workouts, Color Themes...some of our favorite PALOMA theme's are below) 


Layer on an extra item to make it even more special. (Example? $18 Floral Palo Santo Bundles, $15 Meditation Passes)


All that's left is the bow! (Psst...we just so happen to have those and more!


For the one who prefers at-home treatments to day trips, treat them to truly indulgent moments with bathroom bundles fit for a 5-star experience (e-hem PALOMA). Inspired by rose quartz crystals which encourage self-love and the release of stress, we have lovely gifts –  from bath bombs, to body scrubs and face masks to gua sha tools. 

1. Bath Bomb Hearts $8 2. SHEMANA Body Scrub $29 3. Rose Quartz Bath Bombs $14 4. Gua Sha Tools $28-$88 5. Esthemax Masks $38 6. Shemana Activation Oil $42


Think of sex toy gifts as the perfect self-care for so many people in your life: you, your Blanche Devereaux bestie, your uninspired partner, your mom with no boundary issues.  If you know someone who has had a lot of changes over the past year, this is a good way to show them that you care about their mental and sexual health. Tapping into their sexuality might bring about new inspiration and help facilitate good feelings. 

1. Smile Makers Internal Vibrators $55 2. Spark Romance Matches $12.95 3. Unbound Oh! To-Go Kit $34 4. Smile Makers External Vibrator $55 5. Sensual Lubricant Gel $25


We have a myriad of valentine gifts that cultivate mindfulness practices ranging from prompting journals, to candles to meditation gift cards and CBD chocolate (yes, eating chocolate can be a mindful practice when eaten slowly). 

1. 52 Lists of Happiness $16.95 2. Gron Chocolates $6-$15            3. 3-Pack Mediation Gift Card $40 4. Flores Lane Candles $28


A collection of heart activation tools to help your valentine discover purpose, encourage positive emotions, find acceptance and create a meaningful future- our inner compass love cards, crystal gridding kits, and our palo santo bundles will help your love ones dig a little deeper and gain a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them.

1. Crystal Sage Bundle $24 2. Aura Experience $40 3. Crystal Grid $44 4. Inner Compass Cards $55 3. Aura Experience $65 4. In-causa Smudge Bowl $19

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Searching for Valentine’s Day ideas for your sister, colleague, or BFF?

We’ve got plenty of palo santo bundles and journals to let them know you care.

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Reserve your Valentine Energy Bouquet for everyone you're fond of because a smudge a day keeps the good vibes coming their way.


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