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With over 50 wellness brands to shop from, we have everything to help you and your loved ones to stay present. From prompting journals and essential oils, to bath bombs & body oils, our products will leave your giftee feeling grounded and happy.


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Mindful Home

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Our homes have become more important than ever so it’s no surprise we are all trying to carve out our own little corners of the world where we can find relief from daily pressures and anxiety. If you’re looking for the best gifts for home lovers, we have just the list for you. And because our line up gives major PALOMA vibes, you many find your picking up an item or two for you.


1) Inner Compass Cards $55 2) HA KO Paper Incense- Wooden Box Set of 6 with incense mat and dish $53 3) Paloma Candles $34 4) Ritual Wellness Journal $28 5) Agate Slice $248 6) Palo Santo Pyramid 2/$8 6) Golden Healer Towers $28-$68 7) Palo Santo with Crystals Bundles $24-$28  8) HA KO Paper Incense, Black $53


Incense Holders and Incense $10-$85

Gifts For Scenting

Incense can be just as splendid as their wax and wick counterparts. Throughout history, incense have played an important role in scared traditions, healing rituals and setting the mood of a space. 


Spa At Home

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Treat them to truly indulgent moments with a bathroom bundle fit for a five-star experience (eh hem! Paloma). From luxury bath salts and nourishing body oils in exquisite scents to award winning skincare and plush robes for cocooning comfort, you will love what we have to offer.


1) Shemana Body Scrub $35 2) Shemana Bath Crystals $29.95 3) Crystal Bath Bombs $8-$12 3) Bauderlaire Wool Sponge $23 4) Ritual Bath Book $27 5) Mount Lai Eye Mask $84 6) Sunday Citizen Robe $130 7) Rose Quartz Points $24 to $88


Self-Care Moment

For the one who prefers at-home treatments to day trips put together a basket to pamper them from head to toe. We have goodies for face, hair, and body that’ll transform her bathroom into a five star destination.


Calm The Chaos


Trying to juggle multiple responsibilities while keeping up with endless to-do lists and trying to balance family, work, social and personal time can be overwhelming and difficult to well- calm the chaos. Consider gifting essentials that promote inner balance, like journals, essential oils, mindful decks and crystals.

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1) Ritual Journal $14.95 2) Kyanite Crystal $12 -$124 3) Calm the Chaos Journal $14.95 4) Calm the Chaos Cards $18.95 5) Uma Essential Oils $45-$85 6) Meditation Class Pass $15-$88

7) CBD Edibles $15-$98


Rest & Recovery

Whether they’re a dedicated yogi or a distance runner, post-workout ritual is as beneficial as the workout itself. Treat them to an aromatherapeutic bath soak, shower steamers or restorative massagers to help their body heal.

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Luxury Gifts

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For the shopper who wants to go big, here is a glimpse of the best luxury gifts that you'll be excited to spoil your loved one with that's sure to get them excited to use for years to come. Whether you're looking to give your sister the bougie gift she deserves or thank your parents for years of endless love and support, this list has an option for everyone you're shopping for.


1) Sunday Citizen Weighted Blanket $269 2) Costa Brazil Firming Body Oil $54-$98 3) Costa Brazil Body Cream $54-$98 4) Resina De Breu with Ceramic Tray $145 5) Sal De Banho $125 6) PALOMA Spa Journeys $248-$688 6) Large Raw Citrine $1028 7) Raw Amethyst Point $98-$298

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Gift Experiences

Skip the gift wrap (well, we do it for you) this year and gift a PALOMA experience. Your giftee will be free to explore everything PALOMA has to offer and if their looking for a little something to bring home, they can use the gift card in our retail space. 

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