The Paloma

Customized Facial

A bespoke facial treatment designed to suit your skin type and skincare concerns, using customized products and techniques adapted to deliver desired results.  The Paloma facial begins with an herbal hand and arm oil ritual followed by an exfoliation and extractions. The treatment includes a hydrating mask, together with a deep facial and scalp massage to improve blood flow and circulation. The Paloma will rejuvenate on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

Targets: All skin types

The Clean Slate

Seasonal Facial

This result driven facial combines dermaplaning and a hydrojelly mask - two of our most popular treatments - to help guide you through the seasonal elements. Your treatment begins with a skin analysis to determine the need for toning, deep-pore cleansing, softening of fine lines and the restoring hydration. From there, topical probiotics gently cleanse and exfoliate to balance, while stimulating cell renewal and providing long-lasting antioxidant protection. Dermaplaning is done to remove the barrier of dead skin and vellus hair, allowing your winter products to me more effective in the following weeks. After the treatment, a soothing rose hydrojelly mask is applied while a relaxing scalp and facial massage aide in skin recovery and mental rejuvenation. The skin emerges clean and healthy with intense hydration and long lasting results.

The Alchemist

Probiotic Facial

The Alchemist uses topical probiotics to treat difficult skin concerns that stem from inflammatory triggers, hormonal disruptions, and microbiome imbalance. Medical-grade probiotic skincare is used to double cleanse, exfoliate, and treat areas of concern, while boosting your skin's natural ability to protect and regenerate itself.  Results are not only instant but continue to improve in the following days. After the treatment, a soothing mask is applied while a relaxing scalp and facial massage aide in skin recovery and mental rejuvenation. A complimentary Kombucha shot is offered with The Alchemist to promote balance

from within. 


Targets: Difficult to treat skin concerns ranging from acne,  rosacea, irritation, uneven texture, and premature aging

The Sculpt

Lymphatic Drainage Facial

The Sculpt is an anti-aging facial that begins with a deep cleanse, exfoliation, and extractions, followed by Rose Quartz crystal aided Gua Sha to dramatically lift, tone, and firm the skin. Cooled Ice Globes are blended with connective tissue facial massage to sculpt the face, jaw, and neck, promoting lymphatic drainage and cell renewal. The ritual is finished with an organic rose hydrojelly mask to restore a natural glow. The techniques in the Sculpt offer an alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures and will aide in contouring, lifting, and defining- while your therapist also addresses any other skin concerns that you would like to be treated.

Targets: Anti-aging, loss of elasticity &  toning

The Awakening 

Express Facial

A facial designed for someone in need of a quick skin reset. This 30-minute treatment begins with a complete cleanse and exfoliation. A moisturizing facial massage is performed to promote relaxation and improve blood flow and circulation. While the Awakening can be adapted to address all skin types and concerns, it does not include extractions.  

Targets: A quick fix


Enhance your Awakening with an electrolyte hydrojelly mask choose from: Tiger Grass (sensitive skin), Activated Charcoal (acne), Egyptian Rose (for dry skin), Vitamin C (brightening for dull skin) +$10/15 minutes

The Foundation 

Customized Pre & Teen Facial

The Foundation is designed for teens and tweens who are experiencing complexion changes that often affect young skin. An adaptation of our 30-minute Awakening Facial, this non-invasive treatment uses only natural products. A cleanse and light exfoliation will be followed by a treatment to heal breakouts, revealing a clear and healthy complexion. During The Foundation our esthetician will also educate your teen on proper skincare and will introduce products to start them on a life-long path of healthy skin habits. Note: This treatment does not include extractions.


Targets: Teen/Tween Skin, Acne, Sensitive Skin


Our enhancements are a great way to further customize your facial experience.

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Extractions (+10 Minutes) $10

Full Face & Neck Extractions and for extra-congested skin.
Best Paired With: The Awakening, The Foundation

Lip Scrub & Lip Treatment $10 

A lavender and peppermint lip exfoliator is applied to slough away dry skin, followed by a sea buckthorn and primrose lip mask to soothe and restore moisture. We exclusively use luxurious HENNÉ products for this service.
Best Paired With: All Facials

Maskne Probiotic & Microcurrent Acne Treatment (+10 MINUTES) $20

Clarify acne-embattled skin and minimize future breakouts with a potent blend of probiotics, calming active ingredients, and skin brighteners. This acne treatment eases inflammation and refines pores, restoring your skin’s clarity and promoting a more even complexion.. 

Best Paired With: The Paloma, The Journeyman, The Awakening

Lifting & Brightening Eye Treatment (+15 Minutes) $25

As we all wear face masks- your eyes make the first impression. Contour, lift, and minimize fine lines with a microcurrent treatment that’s focused on your eyes, brows, and forehead. A gel under-eye patch infused with Vitamin C and Caffeine is applied after the microcurrent to soothe, brighten, and hydrate.

Best Paired With: The Paloma, The Journeyman, The Glow

Dermaplaning $25

Dermaplaning is the quickest way to achieve a smoother, brighter complexion. This non-invasive exfoliating treatment removes the outermost layer of dull, dead skin cells and facial hair that can trap dirt and oil on the face. Following this treatment you’ll immediately notice a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, hyperpigmentation and acne scars.  Dermaplaning also enhances the absorption of skin treatments and products, making it a perfect complement to all facials. Adds 15 minutes to your facial. 

Best Paired With: Acne, Sensitive Skin 

CBD Gummies $10

Experience a deeper calm and relaxation with an Organic Vegan Pure Hemp 25mg CBD Gummy. Note: Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment to take the CBD gummy. 

Best Paired With: All Facials (excluding The Foundation)

Crystal Healing Therapy (+10 Minutes) $10

Relax under weighted crystals to enhance relaxation and lower your anxiety.  A buttery soft weighted blanket filled with tiny quartz and amethyst crystals is provided during your treatment. Weighted blankets are known to lower anxiety, promote better sleep, and alleviate pain. After your facial we will apply a woven rose quartz eye mask to help soothe and depuff your eye area. 

Best Paired With: All Facials