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The G.O.A.T. of CBD Tinctures


This night time blend with a boosted amount of CBN (cannabinol) is made to complement sleep and relaxation. This bottle is on our bed stands and is a PALOMA staff favorite.


Brain Formula CBD Oil offers a full spectrum blend of all 120+ cannabinoids and hemp derived terpenes. It delivers an incredible ratio of 17mg of CBD with a CBN level at 800mcg per dose. (This is some of the highest levels of CBN on the market). The CBD is added to an advanced carrier oil blend of Cold Pressed Avocado Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Cold Pressed Black Seed Oil, using only all natural and low glycemic Monk Fruit to add the perfect sweetness.


  • All Natural
  • Farm Grown
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Local Seed
  • Gluten Free
  • 100% Organic

LAND'S BEST | Brain Formula CBD Oil

SKU: WD00021
  • 1 fl. oz.

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