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Cold Weather Hydrating Massage

This moisture-rich and detoxifying treatment begins with a full body massage utilizing OSEA body oil delivering an abundance of antioxidant hydration to the skin. Osea body care harnesses spirit lifting properties of the sea to promote the appearance of healthy luster and youthful suppleness. Followed by this deeply hydrating massage, a nourishing sea mineral infused with lavender and lemongrass scrub is used on your legs and feet for a gentle exfoliating treatment. As the legs and feet are wrapped in a warm towel, gentle compressions and massage is applied to help heal tired and dry feet. Overall your body from head to toe will feel radiant and hydrated.


Hydrating Facial

The Monsoon facial is a restorative treatment designed to deeply hydrate and nourish your skin at the cellular level. Sensorial pear and fig fruit enzymes are used to smooth and hydrate devitalized skin. This facial incorporates a face and neck massage with a moisture rich face oil followed by a hyaluronic acid mask to truly lock in moisture. While your mask sets, your hands are treated to a deeply hydrating lemon verbena hand cream. The Monsoon will leave your skin looking dewy, glowing & healthy.

Targets: dehydrated, unbalanced, moisture-deprived skin


For Those Seeking: nourishing, reparative, healing

Designed to rehydrate and rebalance, this journey combines the many forms of nourishment into an immersive experience that touches every aspect of the individual. It begins with our 90 minute Monsoon massage which utilize the moisture rich botanical body care line OSEA followed by the Monsoon facial. The Monsoon facial hydrates devitalized skin utilizing moisture rich face oil, hyaluronic acid mask and a paraffin treatment for your hands and arms. And because dry skin can last through the entire winter season, we send you home with a face mask to prolong the benefits of your treatment. 

Each guest is greeted with a glass of kombucha and departs with a face mask and selenite wand symbolizing liquid light.

Journey Includes:

90 min Monsoon Massage

Monsoon Facial

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