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Why Is Ear Seeding?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the ear is a map of the entire body. Often called “acupuncture without the needles”, ear seeding can provide a range of healing benefits for the mind and body. According to TCM, the ear is connected directly or indirectly to the main meridians, aka pathways of energy, found throughout the body. When these pathways get blocked, it can lead to illness, pain, and imbalance.

How Does It Work, Exactly?

Ear seeds apply pressure on specific pressure points, or acupoints, on the ear, the same way that acupuncture needles stimulate healing at acupoints (where blood, nerve, lymph, and connective tissue meet) on the body.  Stimulating an acupoint with ear seeds, sends a message to the brain that alters brain chemistry, and tells the body to react to achieve the desired result.  

What Kind Of Conditions Can Ear Seeding Treat?

From stress/anxiety, chronic pain, digestion issues, insomnia, substance abuse, sleep problems, weight loss + more, ear seeds are an amazingly easy and effective DIY health hack you can do from the comfort of your own home or at PALOMA! 

Does Ear Seeding Hurt?

No, in fact, its usually called acupuncture without the needles. If you're hesitant about trying acupuncture, ear seeding is a great first step.  

Are They Safe To Try?

Ear seeds are generally safe. They’re noninvasive and don’t require the use of needles, so there’s a much lower risk of infection or bleeding compared to acupuncture. If you have sensitive skin or a latex allergy, metal seeds or adhesive tape might cause some irritation. If your skin tends to get irritated by metal or adhesives- give us a call before booking your treatment. 


If you experience pain on your ears from the seeds, listen to your body and work with it. If it’s too much pain, redo them with less pressure or take a day break. But don’t be so quick to remove them and not give them a chance to work.


If you’re pregnant, don’t try ear seeds or other forms of auriculotherapy before talking to your healthcare provider. Some points may induce early labor.

How long does it last?

Once you've planted your ear seeds, they can be worn for 2 to 5 days and the healing benefits can be amplified by pressing on the seeds for a few seconds, multiple times per day. And like plants, they love the water so showering daily is ok!

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