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Start with a theme! (do they love baths? interested in meditation? love a specific color?) Explore Mother's Day gift guide to find the perfect gift ideas for every mom figure in your life. 


Layer on an extra item to make it even more special. (Example? $18 Floral Palo Santo Bundles, $15 Meditation Passes, $15 CBD Chocolate Bar, 2/$18 Shower Steamer)


All that's left is the box! (Psst...we just so happen to have those and beautiful bows to complete the gift)

Dear Steph,

"We are so fortunate to have you in our lives, and I value our friendship more than words can express. Thank you for every piece of advice, word of encouragement, and for brightening our lives. Watching our girls friendship mirror ours is pure joy. Happy Mother’s Day fellow mama!”

Love, Grace

1. Chiji Pure Love Candle ($32) 2. SHEMANA Body Polish ($29) 3. Crystal Activated Bath Bombs ($14) 4. SHEMANA Activateted Bath Crystals ($27) 5. Rose Quartz Hearts 6. Egyptian Rose Hydrojelly Mask ($38)  7. Baudelaire Wool Sponge ($20)

Dearest Alex, 

"There is so much joy watching someone you interact with daily enter this new, total life altering stage. You’ve been handling pregnancy with such grace, and I have no doubt that motherhood will be no different. Wishing you the happiest day- I hope you spend it any which way you want (hopefully a PALOMA massage is involved), because come August, you’ll have your hands full."

Love, Kate

1. Hatch Belly Mask ($12) 2. Hatch Belly Oil ($58) 3. Nipple + Lip Cream ($28)  4. Moon Stone Palm Stone ($10) 5. Hatch Belly Tattoo ($18) 5. The Mother Massage (60 Minutes $105 & 90 Minutes $135 )

Dear Tricia,

"While you’ve always been an exemplary big sister, our age gap forced you to wear many other hats in our relationship. Parent-guardian. Role model. Driving instructor. Stylist. Advice giver. Confidante. Best friend. How lucky am I to get all that in one?!  Happy day to you, for all you do and all that you are."

Love, Cait

1. Shemana Meditation Mist ($28) 2. Shemana Crystal Mist ($28) 3. Rituals Wellness Journal ($28) 4. Chiji Crystal Energy Candles ($32) 5. Sound Bath Session ($40-$60) 6. Incausa Stoneware Smudge Bowl ($19)

Dear Julia,

"I am forever grateful to have you as my mother-in-law and friend. You’re always so full of energy, and you’ve made me feel like part of the family from day one. I’m beyond excited that our little girl will get to have you as a grandmother in just a few months. Happy Mother’s Day." 


Love, Larkin

1. Baudelaire Sisal Dry Brush ($10) 2. Sunday Citizen Sofest Robe ($130) 3. UMA Absolute Anti Aging Body Scrub ($45) 4. UMA Anti-Aging Body Balm ($70) 5. UMA Anti-Aging Body Oil ($90) 6. The Mindfulness Journal ($22) 7. Gron Dark Chocolate ($15)


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