Energy Healing

Energy Healing is a pleasant and powerful therapy that helps you connect to your inner source of vibrancy and life force. By focusing on your overall energy it is possible to shift physical, emotional, and mental dysfunction to health and well-being.

These services are focused to guide you on your journey to self discovery and livng your highest purpose.



Comprehensive Palmistry Reading

The ancient art of palmistry can help fulfill our desires for self-discovery and exploration. It can help answer the big questions we often as ourselves. What is my life’s purpose? What are the life lessons I am meant to learn? Am I destined to meet my soul mate? Will I land my dream job?

In this unique 1-hour experience Debe Turnbull, a hand analyst and intuitive healer, will uncover the life story written in your palms. In this session you will gain insights to:

Your Life Purpose

Your relationship style -

(The way you love and want to be loved)

How to use your strengths

How to handle, and eliminate, obstacles to success

Special markings and gifts in the hands that make you unique

Each guest departs with keepsake inked palm prints, a written overview of the themes in your life and an information kit about palmistry.

Focused Palmistry Reading

The human hand holds a wealth of information. Palmistry is a powerful craft and a fascinating way to discover more about our own lives and the lives of others. A 30-minute palm reading experience focuses on one of the 3 major lines within the palm; heart (love), head (career), and life (wellbeing). 


What do you need to know about your love life? What barriers do you need to let go of to find love? What is the future of my current relationship? This 30-minute reading will focus on your heart lines and will explore how you love, how you want to be loved, and helps define the qualities to look for in a lover or a soulmate. Your heart is in your hands. 


Feeling like you are not on the right path? Curious about a decision related to your job? Or wondering what your destined to do with your life? This 30 minute private 1:1 palm reading will focus on your head line, and will help to explore how you make decisions and what will fuel your life's work and passion. Your hands are a map to your future. 


How well will you live? What opportunities are destined for you to achieve a meaningful life? What ailments could be prone too? This 30-minute private 1:1 palm reading will focus on your vitality and vigor, physical health, and general well-being. It can give you a glimpse into significant life events, trials and tribulations as well as triumphs and successes.

AURA Photography

Discover the incredible colors of your aura/energy field. Learn how becoming more aware of your energy field can be valuable for creating balance in all areas in your life – physical, emotional, and mental. Each session includes a color guide information card and a customized keepsake box to protect your photo.

For those interested in friends or couples portraits - we are able to accommodate up to 2 people per photo, which would consist of 2 individual portrait sessions, and then 1 couples/friend portrait showing your combined aura which reveals your relationship dynamic.

Sound Healing

Everything in our Universe is based on vibrations and energy, resonating with its own signature frequency. We truly are energy beings and select instruments like crystal singing bowls work directly with this universal energy and channel it into the body to enliven our entire being.

Experience the power and expansive energy of a sound bath to connect, to release and embrace.

Ear Seeding

Often called "acupuncture without the needles", ear seeding can provide a range of healing benefits for the mind and body. Learn more about this ancient practice.  Our certified ear seeding healer plants 24k gold or Swarovski seeds on your ear to stimulate pressure points which provide constant, gentle pressure transforming your mind + body. After your treatment, 40 additional seeds and personalized ear map will be sent with you to continue your care at home.