Carefully curated these service pairings are designed to help create balance in all areas of your life-physical, emotional, and mental. 

Finding Your Calm.

Whether your anxiety predated 2020, or the events of last year affected your mental healththe Grounding Journey allows your mind to unwind and cope.


Ritual Includes:

CBD heart shaped gummy 

CBD massage with full spectrum hemp oil, 

CBD facial under a crystal weighted blanket, and tech guided sound journey meditation. 


Quarantine offered us an opportunity for self-discovery;  a process of learning more about ourselves and who we are. Explore all PALOMA has to offer with our

Self- Discovery Ritual. 


Ritual Includes: 

Aura Portrait & Reading,

Paloma Signature Massage

Awakening Facial

Tech Guided Sound Meditation.  

To Glow Inside & Out

Making a conscious effort to embrace self-care in its many forms can be a beautiful and beneficial practice with lasting, glowing impacts on your health and well-being. This ritual will surely leave you glowing as it focuses the largest organ of our body our skin.


Ritual Includes:

Probiotic Facial

Ear Seeding

Healer Massage 

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