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Our guided meditation classes are 

developed for the beginning to the 

most advanced meditator. Each of our classes is taught by a certified expert teacher in a variety of meditation traditions.  


30-minute classes are $15  

60-minute classes are $28

When your schedule doesn't allow for a guided class or you are looking for a meditation experience in solitude, we offer innovative technology based equipment to elevate your experience.



20-minute sessions are $15 

Come alone or bring your quarantine circle and experience a private meditation in our beautifully lit dome.


Explore coursework from our public meditation classes and find the one that speaks to you! Following this deeply immersive experience we will serve warm Moodbelli beverages.  


Reserve a private class for $98

Special Edition: Meditation Classes

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Explore the Good



Too often we underestimate the power of touch (we know, thanks COVID), smiles, kind words, listening ears, honest compliments, or the smallest acts of caring, all of which have potential to turn a life around. This guided meditation encourages you to explore who you are, and help you be ready to send love and kindness to within your window of tolerance. 


Date: Wednesday, February 17th

Time: 6:00 to 7:00

Cost: $28

Instructor: TBD

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Taming Your Inner Critic

We all have one. An inner voice that expresses criticism, frustration or disapproval about our actions - the inner critic. It might sound like, "you should...", "why didn't you", "what's wrong with you?", "why can't you get it together?

The actual self-talk of the inner critic is different for each of us. The frequency or intensity of the inner critic can also be different. Regardless, listening to, or buying into the inner critic can be immobilizing. 

This extended guided meditation will uncover negative thinking to free yourself from the bondage of your inner criticism, judgement and bias. 

Date: Thursday, January 28

Time: 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Cost: $28

Instructor: Marina Zahran, Ayurveda Health Practioner | @neenastardust 


Guided Meditation Classes

Sound Bath

Building Your Practice

Clear the noise of your busy day with a sound meditation experience. Relax with therapeutic sounds and healing instruments that transport you to a state of calm and relaxation. Each sound session will integrate breathwork and intentions into the journey.  Sound and Soundbath classes will leave you feeling relaxed, rebalanced, and renewed. 

Rise and Shine

Finding Awareness

Get a jump start on your day with a Kundalini meditation. These morning classes combine breath work and mantras to activate and balance your natural energy. You will leave these courses feeling renewed, energized and ready to tackle whatever the day has in store for you. 

Living in the Moment

Achieving Peace

Our thoughts often wander between the past and the future without pausing to explore clarity, passion and perfection of the present moment. Techniques such as thought observations, sound, body sensation and breathwork are combined help you achieve a calm, clear, and alert mind.  Leave with a renewed awareness of the here and now and the peace it offers to us.

Power of Breath

Building Your Practice

Fast, shallow, uncontrolled breathing is connected to stressful situations and negative emotions. By controlling the breath, we can control how we feel. This  session develops slow and mindful breathing, and links the breath with the mind, helping participants to assume control of their emotional state, whenever they wish.

Carry OM

Finding Awareness

A quick meditation in the middle of the day or at the beginning of your week can help increase your creativity and can keep you feeling grounded. These guided meditations focus on mindfulness to purge stress & anxiety from the morning and help get you into a non-reactive space. Reset, recharge, and set the tone for the rest of your week. 

Peaceful Worrier

Achieving Peace

Our perceptions, positive and negative, influence every aspect of our wellbeing. Positive thought patterns create positive happy experience in life, whereas dwelling on negative thinking invites negativity. Heightening awareness and choosing to focus on the positive leads to a transformation of heart and mind, greater fulfillment, and a more peaceful spirit. 


Building Your Practice

Living with intention helps you navigate your life with ease. Each intention class focuses on closing the gap between who you are now and who you want to be. These meditations use visualization techniques to allow you to manifest and actualize your goals. Leave with a renewed purpose and the focus to overcome the obstacles and perceived limitations that may be in your way. 

Moonlight Gratitude

Finding Awareness

Unpack the stresses of the day with a calming meditation that delivers a smooth transition to your home and into bed. This deep relaxation class leverages breath work, 

and body scan techniques to sooth your overstimulated nerves. Laying down, blankets and eye masks help enhance these sessions. Unwind, destress, and improve your inner calm. 

The Art of Letting Go

Achieving Peace

Letting go means releasing the resistance we have to experiencing the present moment. This meditation guides us to let go of the thoughts that block our immediate sensory experience, the tension in the body that reduces aliveness and the armoring around the heart that dulls our sensitivity and tenderness toward life itself.


Tech-Guided Meditation Classes

Good Vibrations

Meditation Technology

Exclusive owners of an immersive music-driven meditation device equipped with vibrational technology that allows you to physically connect with your mediation music. In the comfort of our meditation dome,  you settle-in with your Wave’s memory foam cushion, noise-canceling headphones and a crystal filled weighted blanket, then cue up the app which holds over 80 different meditation tracks. As the music and guided meditation plays, the memory foam pillow vibrates along in harmony. This sensory combination of sound and feel helps your mind and body stay calm, still, and present.


The Path To Next

Virtual Reality

Industry-leading meditation equipment allowing you to discover your mind-body connection in a completely unique way. Whether your goals are to take a short virtual vacation across the globe to find your happy place or learn ancient meditation practices in a cutting-edge way, this VR experience will transport you into a meditative state.  Our thoughtfully designed VR room and glasses will make it easy to tune out of any distractions around you and focus on building your practice. Enjoy the experience with a friend and reserve two spots!


Complimentary Essential Oil Blends

Engage your senses and treat yourself to an aroma infused meditation experience.

Relaxation, awareness, and breath work are enhanced through essential oils for an enriched 

meditation experience. Complimentary UMA essential oil blends are offered with all mediation classes.

CBD Enhancements $10

Enhance your meditation with the calming and grounding affects of CBD. Using a dose of CBD oil before a meditation session will allow you to experience a prolonged feeling of relaxation after you leave. We offer CBD Tinctures and Gummies.

Crystal Manifestation $8 - $10

Using crystals for meditation is a powerful tool, they help raise your consciousness, awareness, and deepen your intuition to bring insight. We offer a beautiful selection of pocket stones and crystals hand picked from all over the world. After meditation your palm stone is yours to keep!

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