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Guided Meditation 



Special Edition Meditation



Sound Baths

$40 to $65

Tech Guided Meditation $15


Private Meditation Events


Our guided meditation classes are developed for the beginning to the most advanced meditator. Classes are $15.


Meditation 101

Building Your Practice

The perfect class if you're just getting into meditation and need to cover the basics. Meditation 101 explores the intrinsic value of meditation, framework for understanding meditation and background to traditional practices for developing present moment awareness. No stress, no judgment, just show up and our incredible meditation instructors will guide you along in this class. 

Phone Detox

Finding Awareness

Do you find it difficult to stop scrolling? Is it hard to put down your phone and go to sleep? Do you end up feeling exhausted or inadequate after checking social media? Your wellbeing & vitality can be improved if you can practice being mindful and stepping away from your device. This meditation helps you to find gratitude for this technology and helps you to step away from it. 

Cultivating Positivity

Achieving Peace

Positive thinking is often linked to being happy. The ability to catch negative thoughts when they arise and turn them around to positive thoughts is an essential skill to master to keep you uplifted and joyful in life. This breathwork meditation will help you breathe out negativity and breathe in positivity.

Breathe & Be

Building Your Practice

A breath-focused meditation, guiding you gently to breathe in, and breathe out, taking longer, deeper, diaphragmatic breaths. Deeper breathing induces the relaxation response and reduces stress in the body. An easy, effortless meditation for beginners.

Clarity Cleanse

Finding Awareness

Would you like greater clarity in your life? Doubt and uncertainty can give us a distorted reflection of ourselves, others, and the situations in our life. Self-doubt especially can hinder us from living up to our fullest potential. This guided meditation provides techniques to reclaim clarity, intuition, and assurance for your journey. Use this meditation to achieve a crystal-clear state of mind, settling any doubt in your life.

Peaceful Worrier

Achieving Peace

Our perceptions, positive and negative, influence every aspect of our wellbeing. Positive thought patterns create positive happy experience in life, whereas dwelling on negative thinking invites negativity. Heightening awareness and choosing to focus on the positive leads to a transformation of heart and mind, greater fulfillment, and a more peaceful spirit. 


Building Your Practice

Living with intention helps you navigate your life with ease. Each intention class focuses on closing the gap between who you are now and who you want to be. These meditations use visualization techniques to allow you to manifest and actualize your goals. Leave with a renewed purpose and the focus to overcome the obstacles and perceived limitations that may be in your way. 

Moonlight Gratitude

Finding Awareness

Unpack the stresses of the day with a calming meditation that delivers a smooth transition to your home and into bed. This deep relaxation class leverages breath work, 

and body scan techniques to sooth your overstimulated nerves. Laying down, blankets and eye masks help enhance these sessions. Unwind, destress, and improve your inner calm. 

Feel The Good

Achieving Peace

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch (we know, thanks covid) , a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. This guided meditation encourages you to explore who you are, and help you be ready to send love and kindness within your window of tolerance.


Enrich your mind, your health, and your life with these extra special classes. 

Sessions are $30 to $40.


Manifesting Love & Connection

Manifestation Meditation

Many of us are growing more and more familiar with our breath—being mindful of its natural tides, turning to it in moments of stress or anxiety, and using it as a tool for calm. Paying attention to our heart, on the other hand, is rarer—and capturing a moment with our own heartbeats can be an elusive and fleeting experience.

In this guided meditation Marina invites us to turn our attention to our hearts the same way we might practice with our breath, linking the two in a way that cultivates feelings of connection and love. It’s something that can be practiced perfectly well on your own. And to augment the experience, Maria suggests an exercise to share with a friend or partner, using touch and simple observation to create gentle, loving connection.


As a gift, each guest will receive a heart shape rose quartz. 

Date: Thursday, May 6th

Time: 5:30 & 7:00 (45 minutes)

Instructor: Marina Zahran | Ayurveda Health Practioner 

Cost: $30

Name it or Tame It

Calm Mind Meditation

By labelling an emotion, we can create distance between ourselves and our experience that allows us to choose how to respond to challenges. By putting this simple tool to work, your emotions can inform you and not overwhelm you. In this class, Bailey guides us through a mindfulness practice to manage strong emotions in the moment. 


Each guest takes how a beautiful Amethyst Raw Crystal which helps bring tranquility and inner peace.

Date: Thursday, May 20th

Time: 5:30 & 7:00 (45 minutes)

Instructor: Bailey Smith | Yoga & Meditation Teacher 

Cost: $30

Knock Me Out

Sleep Focused Meditation

Going to bed with mental chatter is not likely to produce the most pleasurable sleeping experience. We’ve all been there—when it seems impossible to quiet the noise and finally rest. It takes us longer to get to sleep, and it’s harder to stay there. If you’re looking for a toolbox to harness the voice in your head, we recommend you attend this class. 


This class focuses on accepting the present moment without judgment, which includes all of our thoughts and feelings, decreasing excessive thoughts (mental chatter) and emotional reactivity (stress and anxiety).


Prior to the meditation class starting, our certified ear seeding healer plants 24k gold or Swarovski seeds on your ear to stimulate pressure points which provide constant, gentle pressure to help with sleep.  


And if you really looking to be knocked out you can add-on a weighted blankets and a pink quartz eye mask for $10.

Date: Thursday, May 12th

Time: 5:30 & 7:00 (45 minutes)

Instructor: Olivia Atley | Pranayama, Meditation & Yoga

Cost: $35

Less Stress, More Chocolate 

Mindful Eating

Eating mindfully is one mealtime skill that can fit with any healthy eating style. This practice involves applying simple mindfulness techniques to the process of eating. Taking a more “mindful” approach to eating can enhance the enjoyment of your meals, aid good digestion, reduce anxious thoughts surrounding food, and improve your overall relationship with food.


We provide a CBD milk or dark chocolate bar in the class to practice mindful eating.

Date: Thursday, May 20th

Time: 5:30 & 7:00 (45 minutes)

Instructor: Olivia Atley | Pranayama, Meditation & Yoga

Cost: $40

All Soundbaths take place in our Dome. We provide fluffy cloud beds, an UMA Ayurvedic Essemtial Oil offering, and warm drink with every soundbath. 


Sounds of Pride

 Sound Bath & Ear Seeding

This Sunday our sound bath is dedicated to stand in solidarity and support the LGBTQ community. 

Krysta will guide us on a meditative sound journey with soothing sounds of brass Tibetan bowls. Post the sound bath each guest will be ear seeded with our rainbow bright gemstones. Not only do ear seeds help connect the mind and body but a celebration and reminder that diversity is a blessing that enriches us all.


We will be donating a portion of proceeds to help support the LGBTQ community.

Date: Sunday, June 13th

Time: 11:30 am & 1:30 pm

Instructor: Krysta Douds | @khalm_by_krysta

Cost: $50


For any one looking to have a solo meditation experience, utilizing technology based meditation equipment.  Classes are $15.


Good Vibrations

Meditation Technology

Exclusive owners of an immersive music-driven meditation device equipped with vibrational technology that allows you to physically connect with your mediation music. In the comfort of our meditation dome,  you settle-in with your Wave’s memory foam cushion, noise-canceling headphones and a crystal filled weighted blanket, then cue up the app which holds over 80 different meditation tracks. As the music and guided meditation plays, the memory foam pillow vibrates along in harmony. This sensory combination of sound and feel helps your mind and body stay calm, still, and present.


Come alone or bring your quarantine circle and experience a private meditation in our beautifully lit dome. Private Classes are $125 & Private Sound Baths are $145.


Zen Event

This unique 45-minute experience is led by one of our highly skilled instructors. Explore coursework from our public meditation classes and find the themeatic that speaks to you!  Following this deeply immersive experience, we serve warm Moodbeli beverages while the instructor answers any questions the group may have post session. After booking please call PALOMA to confirm details of your event.





Most enhancement can be added at check in. 



Complimentary Essential Oil Blends

Engage your senses and treat yourself to an aroma infused meditation experience.

Relaxation, awareness, and breath work are enhanced through essential oils for an enriched 

meditation experience. Complimentary UMA essential oil blends are offered with all mediation classes.


CBD Enhancements $10

Enhance your meditation with the calming and grounding affects of CBD. Using a dose of CBD oil before a meditation session will allow you to experience a prolonged feeling of relaxation after you leave. We offer CBD Tinctures and Gummies.


Crystal Manifestation $8 - $10

Using crystals for meditation is a powerful tool, they help raise your consciousness, awareness, and deepen your intuition to bring insight. We offer a beautiful selection of pocket stones and crystals hand picked from all over the world. After meditation your palm stone is yours to keep!


Mini Palo Santo Flower Bundle $8 (For Private Meditation Classes Only)

Gift your guests a beautiful palo santo bundle. Crystal can be selected based on the thematic of the class theme. Please reserve these at the time of your booking.