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We've crafted intimate events for you and your quaranteam to experience this season. As always, we continue to keep our communities health and wellness our top priority and maintain enhanced cleaning and disinfected processes, health and safety procedures, and a mandatory mask policy to keep you safe. 


Please call 614-929-5434 or email us to book your intimate holiday event. 

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Host a beautiful candle lit sound experience in our dome.  The sounds introduced during a sound bath are an invitation into a deeper state of consciousness, an opportunity to unplug from external distraction and to invite deep rest and relaxation.  Following this deeply immersive, full body listening experience your group will enjoy a warm holiday themed beverage and treat. 



$45 per person (4 People Min - 8 People Max)

Option to rent the Dome for an additional 30 to 60 minutes after your sound bath. $30 - $60


Option to also add a beautiful holiday energy bundle for each guest. $10

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Aura photography is a way to help people dig a little deeper and gain a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them. Create an extraordinary holiday event with our Aura Photography experience. We’ll capture your group's beautiful energy field and help each of you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and each-other. This experience will be held in our beautifully lit dome and Aura room. Each guest will recieve a personal interpretation and a beautiful keepsake box for their photo. 


$50 per person (4 People Min - 8 People Max)

A personalized palm stone or energy bundle can be added to each guest. $10

A sound journey can be added to prepare each guest for the Aura photo. $15


Based on number of attendees dome is reserved for 60 to 120 minutes. 

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A unique mix of spa and wellness experiences that will allow your group to treat the whole- mind, body and spirit. Enjoy lounging in our beautifully lit dome between services.

Paloma Holiday Journey: The Paloma Holiday Journey begins with an Aura Photography session to reveal the energy that you are carrying with you.  The treatment continues with a 60 minute customized facial, followed by a 30 minute massage. Your journey is completed with a 15 minute sound meditation. Each service builds on the treatment that came before, leaving you more grounded and renewed.

We also include complimentary ear seeding and organic rose or kombucha.  

130 Minutes/ $198 Per Person

Less Stress, More CBD: The CBD journey incorporates CBD,  breathwork, sound therapy, and weighted blankets to ease stress and anxiety and promote deep relaxation. The journey begins with a 60 minute CBD massage, combined with opening and closing deep breathwork to relieve stress and tension. Next, a 60 minute CBD facial will treat your skin while you relax under a soft weighted blanket. The journey ends with a 15 minute sound meditation.  The CBD Journey also include complimentary CBD Gummy and Organic Rose or Kombucha.

135 Minutes/ $248 Per Person

Baby It's Cold Outside: The journey begins with a 90 minute massage using warmed salt stones combined with Swedish massage techniques. The heat from the stones will reduce tension and promote deep relaxation, while the salt provides a light exfoliation, promoting naturally smooth and silky skin. Hot therapy is incorporated into  your treatment to help aide in your recovery, while cupping is performed to detoxify and promote muscle repair. A 15 minute tech guided sound journey. 

This Journey also include complimentary organic rosé or kombucha.

120 Minutes/ $168



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