Inspiring people  to take a greater agency over their physical and mental well-being.


PALOMA will offer a beautiful escape for the overworked to unwind, recharge and reinvest in themselves.  

Who We Are

Paloma is a mind & body wellness brand designed to boost your physical, mental and spiritual health through a selection of treatments and products inspired by ancient culture and modern innovation alike. 

Our mission is to create a beautiful escape for people to disconnect from the outside world, allowing you to prioritize wellness. 

"Our laid-back luxury atmosphere exudes a sense of ease and lightness. Simplicity and authenticity are the guiding principles behind our design and how we treat our guests." 

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What We Offer

We provide self-care services, products and workshops in an aspirational space at accessible prices. With 8 treatment rooms, a beautifully lit meditation dome, a friendly communal area and a boutique, we offer an experience that will leave you feeling happy, revived and ready to face the real world again.  

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Paloma's Offering

The power of touch is the most primitive form of healing for the mind, body, and spirit. 

We offer an array of:

Massages that relax and repair muscles while soothing the mind. 

Facials that promote youthful, radiant, healthy skin. 

 A mindfulness practice can help reduce stress & anxiety, help you develop self-awareness, and can improve your productivity. Reconnect with yourself by joining us for a meditation session or life enhancing workshops in our beautifully lit dome. 

Shop intentionally selected self-care products that nourish the

body and mind. 

Our curated products help solve everyday challenges like stress, anxiety, lack of focus, and poor sleep.

Our membership programs make routine self care accessible by offering monthly services at preferred prices. 

Enroll in our Founder Membership Program Today!

About the Founders

We met while working in the corporate fashion industry- which is known for its fast-paced, and

"do whatever it takes" culture. Balancing the professional demands of growing a career and the personal demands of growing a family; we saw first-hand the impact that stress and burnout could have on highly successful people.


We concepted Paloma because we had to. We can no longer ignore the physical and emotional

toll that Burnout and Chronic Stress can cause to our mind, body, and spirit.


 In a time where wellness and self-care are more important  than ever before spa environments, pricing structures and experiences seem aged. We knew that our backgrounds in building and scaling powerful brands and our complimentary skillsets would allow us to create something better than what exists in most cities today. 


Our hope is that Paloma will serve as an escape for people to achieve the calm, grounded feelings that are necessary

to live the more balanced life we all strive to live.

Angela + Stella