Your aura is your first point of contact with the world, and it can often say more about you than your words do. It’s a bubble that extends above you, beneath you, in front of you, behind you, and to either side.


It’s like your energy skin. 

Aura Photography Packages

Each Aura Photograph is $40


Individual Aura Photo

Discover the incredible colors of your aura/energy field. Learn how becoming more aware of your energy field can be valuable for creating balance in all areas in your life – physical, emotional, and mental. Each session includes a color guide information card, a customized keepsake box to protect your photo, and personalized service and product recommendations.

PalomAura Mini

Child Aura Photo

We are happy to accommodate children ages 5+. This is to ensure the safety of the child, as well as our camera equipment, which is incredibly fragile. Each child needs to be physically big enough to safely hold 2 large hand sensors on their lap (7" x 6" each) and then remain still for between 5-10 seconds for their portrait. The hands of children under 5, unfortunately, are too small for the adult-sized hand plates, which is the reason for this age limit. 

PalomAURA Mates

Duo Aura Photo

For those interested in friends or couples portraits - we are able to accommodate up to 2 people per photo, showing your combined aura which reveals your relationship dynamic.


If you are looking to understand your individual energies and your relationship dynamic, book 3 sessions back-to-back which would consist of 2 individual portrait sessions, and then 1 couples/friend session.

PalomAura Events

Private Events

Aura Photography is a popular activity for team buildings, birthdays, holiday parties and much more. Contact us to learn how we create an experience that's memorable, exclusive, and impossible to replicate!


Aura Meditation Prep $10

We encourage a 30-minute tech-guided meditation prior to your Aura photo to prepare you for the experience. Feeling open, centered and grounded will help ensure your photo is saturated with color! 

Benefit: Help you receive a colorful and more saturated aura photograph.


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